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- 2012 / The First Annual Scientific Conference Syrian people from pain to hope

5th Conference Report

The fifth annual conference of the Syrian Association for Mental Health (SAMH) was held in difficult and critical conditions for the Syrian people at home and abroad.

The conference was held in order to offer psychosocial care for the Syrians, now and in the future, and despite the atrocities committed against Syria, the hope that its ancient people will rebuild again a civilized society that enjoys freedom, dignity, mental health and human rights.

The Syrian Association for Mental Health (SAMH) is extending its thanks and appreciation to all institutions, organizations, and individuals who supported and contributed to the success of the Fifth Conference, and the accompanying training programs before and after the conference.

The conference and training programs were attended by many psychologists, psychologists and social workers, as well as many mental health practitioners, including teachers, mentors, educators, and lawyers.

The number who registered for the conference was 280, but only 200 were able to attend amounted because of difficulty obtaining visas to Turkey, especially from inside of Syria.

The conference was also attended by Dr. Mohammad Firas Al-Jundi, Minister of Health of the Syrian Interim Government, Dr. Hassan Maghrebia, Director of the Medical Association of Syrian Expatriates (SIMA), Mr. Muhannad Othman, Representing Cham Humanitarian Foundation, and Mr. Jamal Al-Kilani, form the humanitarian services (RAF).

The conference was attended by a number of Turkish dignitaries, including Deputy Mufti Gaziantep, as well as representatives of some television channels, such as the Turkish channel (TRT).

We would also like to thank the Turkish Government and people for their support and assistance to the Syrians, and the hospitable Turkish people made them feel that they are among brothers.

A charity dinner was organized with cooperation between SAMH and Balsam Psychological Support Center in Gaziantep.

the languages of the conference and accompanying programs were Arabic - English Turkish

The conference chairman was Dr Mamoun Mobayed, president of SAMH
The scientific committee chair was Dr Muhammad Al-Jundi
The management committee chair was Dr Yousef Abulaban


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