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Why are we here?

The escalating war in Syria has brought with it the significant deterioration of all aspects of life for its citizens, particularly in the area of psychosocial factors. It had also been noticed that there was an acute shortage of organized mental health professionals; these two factors were the catalyst to the formation of the Syrian Association for Mental Health (SAMH).


About us?

SAMH is an independent Syrian association for psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers.

SAMH has been officially registered in the United Kingdom on the 10th September 2013...

The 7th Annual Scientific Conference : Developing mental health services for Syrians and building capacity of mental
health professionals

Improving mental health care in Syria, Dr Nadim Almoshmosh, FRCPsych

How do you improve the skills of mental health workers in war-torn Syria? And what is their role in helping young Syrians build a better future?

Dr Almoshmosh’s report from the SAMH 6th Conference ... The conference on 5-6th May, arranged in cooperation with Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), had the theme “Moving from crisis response to sustainable services” ...

The Sixth Scientific Conference : Syria and the Syrians : Psychological and Social Situation
Moving from crisis situation to sustainable services

The Recommendation letter from Prof.Dr Kemal Sayar

This is a recommendation letter from Prof.Dr Kemal Sayar the President of the Turkish Society of Psychopharmacology recommending SAMH 6th conference. And he is here with Dr.Mamoun Mobayed President of SAMH during their rescent friendly meeting in Istanbul.

The SAMH strongly condemns the attack last night (19/01/2018) on Ezaz Psychiatric Hospital

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2018 / The Sixth Annual Scientific Conference “ Moving from crisis situation to sustainable services ”

2017 / The Fifth annual conference “ Mental Health for the Syrians from suffering to rebuilding ”

2016 / The Fourth Annual Scientific Conference “ Mental health care for Syrian refugees and internally displaced ”

2015 / The Third Annual Scientific Conference “ Towards Better Mental Health for all Syrians ”

2014 / The Second Annual Scientific Conference “ For better mental health care during crisis ”

2012 / The First Annual Scientific Conference “ Syrian people from pain to hope ”